Arista | 720XP-48Y6 Ethernet Switch

48 x 10M – 1GbE RJ45 @ 30W

Uplinks: 6 x 25G

700Gbps switching bandwidth


Arista 720X Series switches

Designed for the demands of the interconnected IoT enabled campus, the 720XP series delivers wirespeed connectivity for all campus user workloads under the management and monitoring of Arista cognitive campus services. The suite of platforms offer a variety of connection options for user desktops, POE appliances and IoT devices.

Technical Specifications

Ports: 48 RJ45
6 25G SFP
10M-1G UTP (30W)1: 48
100M-2.5G UTP (30W)1: N/A
100M-2.5G UTP (60W)2: 0
100M-5G UTP (60W)2: N/A

POE power budget (single/dual PS): 873/1923
Std Per supply: 1050W
SFP-25G: 6
QSFP-100G: N/A
Throughput (2 way): 700Gbps
Packets/Second (2 way): 590Mpps
Latency: 1.2usec RJ45-RJ-45

CPU: Dual Core-x86
System Memory: 4GB
System Flash: 8GB
Packet Buffer: 6MB
USB Port: 1
Console Port: 1
100M/1GB: 1
Management Port: 1
Airflow: Front-Rear/Rear-Front(R-F only 650W PWR-621-AC-BLUE)

Mac Adresses: 32K
IPv4 Host Routes: 96K
IPv4 LPM Groups: 16K
IPv6 LPM Groups: 8K
IGMP Groups: 4K
IPv4 Multicast Groups: 8K
ACL Entries (Ingress/Egress): 9K / 1K

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