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42OU Open Computing Rack Venus

AIC the latest Rack “Venus” is designed to enhance and glorify the spirit of Open Compute Project (OCP). With in-house expert design, AIC Rack –Venus is highly flexible with efficiency and simplifies the maintenance to fulfill varieties demands of the new generation data center.

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Key Features
• Intelligent Rack-level Power and Cooling management
• Centralized Redundant Power Shelves to Supply Every Compute Node
• Completely Integration for Datacenter
• Serviceability and easy maintenance
• Flexibility on Configuration with various computing and/or storage nodes

42 OU height
Dimensions (W x D x H)
• mm : 600 x 1185 x 2230.5
• inches : 23.7 x 46.7 x 87.8
Space for Power Banks, Remote Management Controllers and LAN Switch
6U + 0.5U Crossbar (in the middle)
Node Space
36U (18U up and 18U down)
Rear fan wall (6 zones 48 fans)
Nodes Content
• 2 OU reserved for power bank
• 3 OU reserved for standard network switches
• 1 OU reserved for RMC management modul
• Other 36 OU Rack Units can be configured for specific requirements with Computing Node/Storage Node/JBOD Node
Power Requirement
• Each power bank contains up to 5+1 redundant PSUs as below options:
(A) provides total 15KW with 3000W platinum grade PSUs
(B) provides total 18KW with 3600W platinum grade PSUs
• Venus Rack offers different configuration as below:
(A) One Power shelf ; 5+1 power module total support: 15KW (3KW per PSU)/ 18KW(3.6KW per PSU).
(B) Two Power shelves; 2 sets of 5+1 power module support:
(a) up to 30KW(3KW per PSU) / 36KW (3.6KW per PSU) without power redundancy
(b) up to 15KW(3KW per PSU) / 18KW (3.6KW per PSU) with power redundancy
• Support 380V, 3 phase power systems

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Extra informatie

DIMM slots

12x DIMM slots, 16x DIMM slots


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